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Local Series 1st & 3rd Weekend of the Month Track Info: 904-821-3048
February 4, 2006
SCRAJax Championship Celebration @ MT. Fuji Japanese Steak House 10055 Atlantic Blvd. 7:00 P.M
Awards ceremony Immediately after dinner at Genchur Speed Works|
February 4 - 5, 2006
Saturday - controlled practice all members + Auto Cross | Sunday - SCRA #2 of 8 race 2006 series
 / Karts / MiniGP 50cc / Motards  /Metrakits | World Endurance Kart
February 11 - 12, 2006
Saturday - 2 Hour World Endurance Kart Challenge | Sunday - Enduro 150  (Motards) New AMA Dirt course

Racing & Clubs

New Jacksonville Florida Location 
Just a mile from the track :
11702 Beach Boulevard
(904) 564-9800



SCRAJax.com Enduro 150 #2
Goes Off the Hook!!
Pictures Tomorrow
Green Weenies hang in there!!.
Thank you to all the riders and Volunteers who made this a success.
DK goes showtime at the Enduro 150
SCRAJax Motor Sports Complex
behind FCCJ South Campus @ 11910 Alden Rd. Jacksonville, Florida
SCRAJax Races Rain or Shine we will only break for Lightning or Hurricanes!!
Welcome to the "Most Challenging" Little 1/2 mile track in Jacksonville, Florida.
News Update!!
SCRAJax Championship Celebration @ MT. Fuji Japanese Steak House 10055 Atlantic Blvd. 7:00 P.M
Awards ceremony Immediately after dinner at Genchur Speed Works. This Saturday February 4th.
Amanda Campbell returns to SCRAJax !! Posting a 45.383 lap to sit on the
World Endurance Kart Challenge poll. Looks like she's not only a champion in
a Shifter Kart, but she can still drive the wheels off a 4 cycle kart as well.
SCRAJax  Endurance Challange Weekend 
What a fun time had by all..Points Posted.
Stay tooned for all the
pictures, points and awards.
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Welcome Future Racers
This is just a slice of the many different classes at SCRAJax
TAG 125cc                                   MiniGP 50cc                        Cadet Jr. Sportsman 80cc                   
  Phil Robinson  #24                    NSR, YSR, Metrakits                           Johnathan Fortin #1
Tag class ages 15 to 75                   US MiniGP                                Cadet class ages 8 to 12
credit for photos to Jim Carper
Intrepid Karts Dominate 2005 SCRAJax 23 Race Series Championship.
Congratulations to all 2005 Champions!!
Mike Hamm - Intrepid Silverstone  / BM Jaguar / Bridgestone (TaG)
Ryan Isaacson - Birel / Woltjer / Bridgestone (HPV2)
Johnathan Fortin - Intrepid / PD Comer K-80 / MG (Cadet Jr. Sportsman)
David Genchur Jr. - Intrepid / Comer K-50 / MG (Kid Kart)
Tommy GiDiandomenico #98 71cc Metrakit US MiniGP
Kyle Davis #51 Pocket bike 40cc
Joe Golden #6 MiniGp 50cc
Robert Vargas #2  Motard
Mike Hamm #57 2005 TaG Class Champion

**SCRA motor sports complex is an insurance restricted facility. All attendees staff or non-staff must sign a release and wear arm bands at all times. The arm band is the responsibility of the individual and can only be replaced by purchasing a new band and re-signing event release.**

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